The Living Legacy


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There are so many different ways to leave your legacy to your favorite charity. Virtually all of them, however, occur after you are no longer on earth. But imagine if you could achieve your legacy while you’re still alive!

Well you can. The one tool that can help you accomplish this is called Participating Life Insurance.

Why? Because it issues dividends while you’re still alive! When set up properly, you, the donor, benefits from their charitable donation and your favorite charity, the owner and beneficiary of the policy, also benefits from the tax free dividends they receive. Furthermore, the charity can borrow against the cash values and ultimately, there will also be a death benefit.

There are several other attractive elements:

  • Charities and non-profits can contribute their own dollars
  • Donors can combine their efforts to create a larger legacy gift
  • A donation as little as $100 per month can create a legacy gift
  • Like any other legacy gift, the proceeds can be donor directed