Tutorials on Self Employment

self employment tutorialsSelf-employment is where a person works for themselves rather than someone else or a company that they do not own. To be self-employed, an individual is normally highly skilled in a trade or has a niche product or service for their local community. With the creation of the Internet, the ability for an individual to become self-employed has increased dramatically. Self employment tutorials can help an up and coming entrepreneurs smooth out the process.

We offer one-to-one self employment tutorial sessions with those seeking to start a business or have already started looking into the idea of working for themselves. Our hands-on, practical approach focuses on your specific needs and budget. So many individuals with great ideas or good intentions just don’t get to where they want to go because their approach has left out key pieces. What we do will help you decide whether to incorporate or not, what and where to spend your limited dollars, if your product is market ready, if the price you’re charging is too high or too low. These are just some of the areas we touch on. Our role is to help you put the pieces of your puzzle together. Our commitment is guaranteed.