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For the last six and a half years I have been working with small to medium size charities and non-profits. Virtually all of them want to increase their revenue streams but few want to invest financially in doing so.

There’s an old adage in business that you spend money to make money and you spend money to save money. I can actually help you do both. But why is there such resistance from smaller charities to invest in their “business”?


  • They are afraid
  • They have had bad experiences
  • They do not understand what needs to be done
  • The lay leadership thinks the Executive Director can do it all
  • The lay leadership does not want to get their hands “dirty”

I suppose the list can go on and on. So ask yourself the following question. When was the last time your organization stepped back and took a hard look at where they were, where they are and where they want to be? Have you figured out what worked, what did not and what you need to do going forward? Do you know how you’re going to get there? Have you determined what resources you need to get there?